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We grow goodness at Lewis Farms — with an orchard of fruits and a delightful garden patch of vegetables.  In addition to what is grown on the farm, we stock our market with locally grown produce from our neighbors.  You can choose from produce that has been grown on a farm in the USA, picked at the peak of ripeness … sold directly to you by the Lewis family.

A visit to the bakery at Lewis Farms is like a trip back in time to granny’s old-fashioned kitchen! Pies, donuts, cinnamon rolls and sticky buns, lots of cookies, yummy apple fritters, specialty breads and more (take a look now).

What We Grow at the Farm

In the Orchards:  25 varieties of apples, peaches, pears, cherries, apricots, plums, nectarines

In the Garden: We have lots of vegetables!

What’s Ripe!

Apple season is here with Honey Crisp, Fuji, Cortland, McIntosh, and much more! Pears and plums are also in the market.
From the garden, in the market: Squash, pumpkins and gourds are now in the market!

About our Apples

More than 200 acres of our orchards are devoted to the apples that Lewis Farms is famous for.  We have them in a variety of colors, flavors, and textures — for making luscious pies, creamy apple butter, apple breads, or for just munching right off the tree!

 Don’t miss our handy Guide to Apple Varieties.

Gifts and Goodies Galore


Get a basket and wander the market looking at the delicious items available in the Country Pantry!  Stock up on treats for your own family, or put together a delightful gift basket for some lucky recipient.

BBQ Sauces – Salsas – Fruit Spreads
Fruit Pie Fillings – Jams & Jellies

Local Honey – Maple Syrups – Country Pickles
Homemade Noodles – Assorted Candies

Choose from an array of interesting gift items that have a farm theme and old-fashioned goodness.

Something for everyone! Hint: We think our teeshirts and sweatshirts make a lovely souvenir of your visit to Lewis Farms.


Collectibles for the Home and Garden
Jewelry – Greeting Cards – Scented Candles – Kitchen Gadgets
Unique Toys – Stuffed Farm Animals – Teeshirts & Sweatshirts
“From our Farm to your Table” –  Our Signature Cookbook 

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