Meet Wallaby Baby Roo!

We are providing a temporary home for “walla-baby” RooRoo at the farm house! She is getting fed every three hours round the clock, folks — and we have made a fuzzy pocket/pouch for her in the corner of the little pen! You may not know that wallabies (cousins to kangaroos) are not fully-developed when they are born. So, mommy’s pouch provides a warm, safe place complete with mammary glands where a baby wallaby (called a joey) can continue to grow and feel safe. RooRoo’s fuzzy pouch is her favorite hangout for now!  

More Wallaby Facts

Wallaby Milk
Did you know that mother wallabies can make two types of milk? They can! Female wallabies commonly raise more than one joey at a time and are able to produce milk with varying fat contents. The lower-fat content milk is perfect for a newborn wallaby and the milk with a high fat content helps older joeys continue to grow big and strong.

About the tail …
A wallaby uses their tail for balance. They also use it to help prop them up with they’re sitting. Wallabies have strong hind legs that they use for jumping at high speeds as well as for defending themselves against predators or other ornery wallabies. Depending on their size, a wallaby can clear 13 feet in a single jump!

Dive in!
Wallabies also like to swim. With their powerful hind legs, they are fabulous doggie paddlers.

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